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Why Apple's News app is interesting after all...

Apple's News app is now available as part of the upgrade to iOS 9. While it seems similar to news aggregation apps like Flipboard, it could play an important role in the advent of distributed content...

Digital Device Ecosystem

Google vs. Apple. vs. Amazon:
The App Store Maturity Shootout

Apps are essential. When we buy a tablet or a smartphone, it is a world of apps we are acquiring; by that token, the app store’s efficiency in pinpointing exactly the right apps for our needs is paramount to the overall value of a device.
But how good are they?

This report answers two simple questions: first, how mature are the three major app stores, and, more importantly, how good could they be?

The answers may surprise you…

Apple, Google, and the app store responsibility

How good are the app stores really? Do they live up to the potential of 1 million apps? Shouldn't there be a more sophisticated way of cataloguing, browsing and making discoverable the vast array of apps that are out there?

Collecting the Best and Worst of Smartphone User Experience: Any Suggestions?

What are the best and the worst user experience elements in the current crop of smartphones? What delights you? What definitely bugs you? We are starting a collection: please chip in!

How iOS 7 stacks up: Smartphone OS User Experience Shootout

Why is it that the arrival of iOS 7 is necessarily a momentous event for the smartphone market?
Simple: Unlike any other operating system out there, it will be in the hands of millions or tens of millions of users within a few days after its launch. And that will make it a force to be reckoned with.

The question is, of course: How good is it really?

Amazon's Matchbook Program:
A Glimpse of Media 3.0 ?

Amazon has started offering customers of real books e-book versions at reduced cost. Nice gesture - but what does it really tell us about emerging patterns of media consumption?

The 50-billion Conundrum:
Why App Store Download Numbers Are Meaningless

Apple just announced 50 billion app downloads; Google is still slightly behind at the time of this writing, with 48 billion apps downloaded to date, but given the number of monthly downloads, it is only a matter of time before Google will claim the top spot. What is wrong with this picture?

7-inch Tablets:
What the User Experience Benchmarks Show

They may have comparable hardware features, but there are significant user experience differences between different tablets. Find out more...

Introducing: User Experience Benchmarks for Tablets and Smartphones

When it comes to the crunch, it's user experience that makes the difference between a merely functional device and an excellent one. But is it possible to measure something as elusive as user experience? That's the question we were trying to answer.

The results may surprise you...

Tablet User Experience Benchmarks:
Basic Principles

User experience is one of the key aspects of connected digital devices, yet it is very difficult to discuss in an objective way, and even harder to quantify.

Understanding Tablet User Experience:
The Device Universe

The device universe is probably one the most important aspects of tablet and smartphone user experience, and has hardware becomes more and more commoditised, its importance can only increase.

Understanding Tablet User Experience:
User Experience Friction

An ideal device should provide a completely natural user experience. We should be able to use it without having to learn anything, Interactions should be intuitive, every operation should be smooth and natural. We should not have to wait for the device to do anything, nor should the device keep us guessing at what is necessary to achieve a certain goal.

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