Editorial Strategies

Beyond Digital: 
Re-Inventing Publishing from a Value Perspective

As it is becoming increasingly clear that digital media alone cannot provide the revenue streams publishers need in order to maintain their level of quality, maybe it is time to re-think what publishing really about

Digital Device Ecosystem

Google vs. Apple. vs. Amazon:
The App Store Maturity Shootout

Apps are essential. When we buy a tablet or a smartphone, it is a world of apps we are acquiring; by that token, the app store’s efficiency in pinpointing exactly the right apps for our needs is paramount to the overall value of a device.
But how good are they?

This report answers two simple questions: first, how mature are the three major app stores, and, more importantly, how good could they be?

The answers may surprise you…

News as a dialogue: Quartz launches its app

In the flurry of publishers’ apps that has been hitting the market over the past few years, the one which was just launched by Quartz certainly stands out: instead of allowing you to simply access top stories from the site in a mobile-friendly way, Quartz-the-app uses the interface of a chat environment to present the user with a small selection of items culled from the publisher’s site, and let’s you interact in a chat-like way. What does it tell us about the future of news distribution?

From adblocking to the re-emergence of print: The 2016 Trend Landscape for Publishers

2015 was a, let’s say, intense year for publishers; and we have every reasons to believe that 2016 is going to be at least as active, but most likely even more overpowering if you are in the media business. How can you prepare yourself for the coming year?

The Battle for Context: The Distributed Content Landscape - Part 3

The first part of this overview of distributed content has been posted less than a month ago, yet what then appeared like the relatively stable picture of a new trend in publishing, a few weeks later looks more and more like a confusing mess of new distribution technologies, few of which have yet proven their worth, let alone their necessity.

What is Facebook Notify really About?

Facebook’s new Notify app sits, somewhat uncomfortably, between Twitter, Apple’s News app and Snapchat. What is it really about?

Far from Home: The Distributed Content Landscape - Part 2

The arrival of distributed content platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles is a formidable challenge for publishers and media-producers, a call to action to redefine what professional media is all about - and an instigation to question oversimplified assumptions.
This second part of an in-depth analysis of key distributed content initiatives focuses on the major players and their core audience

The Distributed Content Landscape: 
an Overview for Publishers - Part 1

The arrival of Facebook Instant Articles, Apple's News app, Twitter Moments and Google AMP are the beginning of a profound change in publishing: extreme content fragmentation, driven by social media platforms.

In this first installment of a three-part essay, we analyze the impact of distributed content for publishers.

Why Apple's News app is interesting after all...

Apple's News app is now available as part of the upgrade to iOS 9. While it seems similar to news aggregation apps like Flipboard, it could play an important rolein the advent of distributed content...

Apple, Google, and the app store responsibility

How good are the app stores really? Do they live up to the potential of 1 million apps? Shouldn't there be a more sophisticated way of cataloguing, browsing and making discoverable the vast array of apps that are out there?

How iOS 7 stacks up: Smartphone OS User Experience Shootout

Why is it that the arrival of iOS 7 is necessarily a momentous event for the smartphone market?
Simple: Unlike any other operating system out there, it will be in the hands of millions or tens of millions of users within a few days after its launch. And that will make it a force to be reckoned with.

The question is, of course: How good is it really?

Amazon's Matchbook Program:
A Glimpse of Media 3.0 ?

Amazon has started offering customers of real books e-book versions at reduced cost. Nice gesture - but what does it really tell us about emerging patterns of media consumption?

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