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The technology revolution, which started with the arrival of the first personal computers and is now in full swing, has made strategic decision making infinitely more complex than it used to be: in an environment where everything from core technology to consumer behavior changes constantly making a sound business or development decision is more complex than ever.

Pfeiffer Consulting is dedicated to making this process easier, by providing a unique, actionable mix of market knowledge, global perspective and technology expertise.

Whether the problem is to validate a software concept, to fine-tune a development strategy or to make a sound mid-term technology decision, we are here to help you.

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More than ever, the international perspective is overwhelmingly important. All of our research projects span countries and continents, covering Europe, USA, as well as Latin America, South-East Asia and Japan if required. Download Factsheet
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Pfeiffer Consulting offers media groups and technology providers with high-level consulting based on deep understanding of the technology landscape, and the intricate relationship between innovation and consumer behavior. More...
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Home Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, HP, Vivendi Universal, Conde-Nast, Citigroup Venture Capital... Here are some of the companies we have worked with in the past.

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